Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stellenbosch Fresh Good's Market

We went to the Stellenbosch Fresh Good's Market at the Oude Libertas 
this Saturday. It was absolutely divine and to quote a friend 'better than 
the Food and Wine Show without the entrance fee'. We came home 
laden with delicious food and wine (managed to tie in a bit of wine 
tasting on the way home-as you do). I also got a lovely pendant from the The Pendant Warehouse, which uses all sorts of gorgeous vintage imagery to create jewelry, magnets and stickers. So pretty your heart hurts. And the setting is so refreshing, all the vines are turning orange and gold. Apparently there's also The Hearth Fair in the same location every 
first Saturday of the month, another excuse to go, not that you need one.


  1. What stunning photography! Did you take these pics? xx

  2. Thank you! Yes, indeed I did x

  3. ooo love the tulips!

  4. apparently they're the only type like them in the whole of south africa!