Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Circadian Dance

Bees have very similar circadian patterns to humans and when you work with them your body and lifestyle starts falling more deeply instep with these natural rhythms. There are the seasons, quiet cold Winter is a time of rest, rising Spring a time of build up and anticipation, welcome Summer a time of harvest and harbinger Autumn a time to regroup and prepare for rest. It is morning or night there are no days of the week. Awakening dawn, the heat of the middle day, falling dusk and night. Too much wind or rain is a bad honey day, a bright and breezeless mild day is a good honey day. Then your senses become attune to the changes of forage throughout the seasons, months and days. Your eyes seek out the patterns in flora around you as you whizz past in your flat back bakkie. You watch flora come into fullness and then fall back allowing others to take centre stage. Each month of the year bringing its own nectars and pollens and shifting depending where you are in the world. Some sites are bathed in early sunshine and some in late, some are wind swept but nectar rich and some are tucked into a valley... And it is written there in the sky and on the earth that there is a time and a place for everything.

I can recall a time, just over a year ago, when I was so completely outside of this circadian dance. For more than 40 hours a week I was bathed in neon light, inhaling conditioned air, unable to open a window and let life in. Connected to the world through the screen in front me, buffered through this incredible medium but lost mostly to the earth. The bees have invited a great unplugging and not leaving me hanging they have facilitated a reconnecting. Just by observing their patterns and falling into time I have remembered the dance of natural life, a thread that lies at the base of me, and what a joy that is. 

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  1. beautiful, your awakening our consciousness to keep connecting our inner to the earth patterns which nurtures our Soul...I like these words too:
    “Strictly speaking there is no such thing as human nature. There is only Nature and the very human expression of it. To understand this is to understand the significance of what we need to do if we are to restore the lost balance. Our task is not to get back to Nature but give back to Nature." I McCullum