Friday, May 13, 2016

Baby knows best and Luca's floor bed

I just had a lovely experience with Luca's nap time wind down. He indicated he was sleepy so we went through to bedroom and after a short story he was ready for some milk. After a little lie down and some milk he was revived - sigh.  He crawled off his bed and back in action. It's been a long five days without his dad Tris and at this point I'm feel slightly exasperated but this is a baby-led household. So I resigned myself to a longer wind down and told him 'okay but I'm going to tidy the bedroom, we're going to stay in the bedroom and he can let me know when he is ready for his nap'.

There are no 'toys' in the bedroom but of course he always finds lots to do. He pulls up on things - pulls the books off the shelf -examines the carpet. At this point I'm brushing my hair, something he loves to observe, and I always give him the hairbrush after I'm done.  He takes the brush (an object I think he's had a hundred times) and is looking very glassy eyed at this stage. I let him have it for a brief moment and then take it away and say 'I think it's time for your nap.' He lets me know he is unhappy about this and I pick him up. Ironically I've put the brush down on dressing table next to a book I'm reading 'Baby Knows Best'. Hmm - realizing my mistake I hand him back the brush, put him down and he commences to play with it.

He's exploring the brush in an entirely new way. He's rubbing it across surfaces and listening to the sound it makes, shaking it and banging it against things,throws it down and picks it up. Sometimes putting it in his mouth which I can see he doesn't enjoy but must try several time to form a hypothesis. He plays with it for about 15 minutes. I'm sitting near him on his bed but I'm not a saint - I watch a bit but I also check Facebook and Instagram, Lucas powers of concentration far out pace mine.

The brush work complete it lies abandoned on the floor. He goes over to the window and lifts the closed blind looking behind it, interestingly a ritual we do together before he goes to bed every night. He then crawls up to me - I'm filming him at this point, I ask him if he's ready for his nap, after giving the cats tail a tug and kissing the rug, he crawls onto his bed, I so appreciate how the floor bed has facilitated this independent process. He's still napping now. Baby knows best.

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  1. Beautiful capturing the moment by moment experiences of being with and connecting to Luca's exploring the world and the being with Mum ... So precious xxx